It’s always great to start at the beginning, but honestly, PLANET THREE’S start isn’t necessarily a clear one.  You’ll find no road map that defines how we came to be.  But isn’t that the way life is? We’re all on our journeys going down roads, some paved and some off-road, and when it comes to the creation of PLANET THREE, it’s definitely been more of an off-road experience.  The four founders; Sam, David, Rob & Will happen to think those roads are the most challenging, and the most fun.

Life is a series of highs and lows, peaks and valleys, with smooth rides at times, and some serious bumps along the way.  With all of that comes excitement and fulfillment, but with no shortage of stress and concern either.  This is exactly how we identify with ourselves, with our family and friends… and with you, our customers, who all share in the life experience on this planet. 

While doing our day jobs, Sam and David have worked for large corporate entities for over 15 years while raising families in the Chicago-land area, keeping up with the weekly grind of air travel, and hours upon hours of conference calls in order to meet the next quarterly deadline.  Rob built a steady advertising company over a 19 year span, while going back to school for an MBA, all the while strumming sweet riffs on his guitars.  And Will came in off the streets as a firefighter of 25 years, beat up a bit from years of answering the bell and seeing the other side of society that can be a sad experience for many.  Collectively we understood that it comes down to the micro impacts of everyday life, where sleepless nights and stress dominate our lives to an excessive level.  The founders turned to the hemp & CBD industry to find alternative healthy remedies, as opposed to the usual pharmaceutical approach that include adverse side effects that no one should have to worry about.  We knew we could make people happy, bring health & wellness, and balance to the lives of others in a holistic way.  PLANET THREE was born!

Ironically, PLANET THREE has emerged during one of the worst pandemics that has affected millions around the world.  Together, we find ourselves on the unpaved, dirt road with the twist and turns, peaks and valleys.  Many have turned to CBD products to help manage sleep, anxiety, depression, and stress that has resulted from uncertainty of the future.  With these connective experiences, we at PLANET THREE have a true belief in the potential of our CBD products as a natural alternative that can help you feel better, achieve a sense of balance, and improve your overall wellness.  So, from all of us at PLANET THREE….Here’s to your health!

Meet Our Founders


Rob Labak

Samuel Glomp

David Ghantous

Will Pederson